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CinchFit USA Luxury No Tear 650TC Cotton Blend Stripe Split Flex Top King Sheets - The Best Sheets For Adjustable Beds

CinchFit USA Luxury No Tear 650TC Cotton Blend Stripe Split Flex Top King Sheets - The Best Sheets For Adjustable Beds

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CinchFit USA Luxury 650TC Cotton Blend Stripe Flex Top King Sheets

Fitted Sheets That Fit Tight And Stay On!

  • The Best Sheets for Split Top, Flex Top, FlexTop Mattresses!
  • Won't Tear in the Flex Center!
  • Stays on & won't Pop Off! 
  • Fits all Split Top, Flex Top, FlexTop King Mattresses perfectly!
  • Fits all Split Lengths!
  • The Best Sheets!
  • Fully Elasticized Sheets With Two Types Of Elastic!
  • Strong, Durable Braided and Cord Elastic!
  • Cord Elastic is Adjustable and Can Be Tightened Over Time!
  • 15 Inch Deep Pockets That Cinch To Fit Smaller Depths Perfectly!
  • Stays on & won't Pop Off! 
  • 70% Cotton / 30% Polyester for both a Soft and Crisp feel!
  • 650 Threads per Square Inch which lends Thickness and Weight to the Sheets!
  • Breathable, Comfy and Cool Sheets!
  • Made in the USA!

Looking for sheets that fight tight, stay on the bed and stay tight? Our CinchFit cinching fitted sheets stay on the bed, stay tight and they won't pop off on the corners! Our CinchFit design that will cinch to fit your mattress perfectly. These are sheets that fit tight and can be adjusted to fit tighter as the fabric stretches over time. With. a tight fit, these sheets stay on and won't pop off at the corners! The cord elastic is adjustable and can be tightened for a continued perfect tight fit in the future even as fabric stretches over time.

Our CInchFit fitted sheets fit better than all others with 2 types of cording. Strong cord elastic cinches the sheet on the bed for a perfect fit. Cording exits the fitted sheet and can be tightened or loosened. Storage pocket keeps cording safe during laundering.  All of our products are made in the USA by skilled seamstresses. Our adjustable sheets with dual elastics 360 degrees around the fitted sheet keep sheets tight on mattresses and they won't pop off on the corners - ever! Our Fitted Sheets fit up to 15" mattress depths and cinch to fit smaller mattress depths

We have the Best Split Top King Sheet design on the market today! Our design is unique and includes flexible jersey knit material in the flex center and a reinforcement patch to prevent tearing in the flex center. Flexible jersey knit material in the flex center allows our Split Top King Sheets to fit all split lengths. 

  • 4 Piece Bed Sheet Set: Our CinchFit Split Top King Sheets Set includes: 1x King Fitted Sheet (78” x 80”) with 35" split down the center, 1x Flat Sheet (108″ x 102″), 2x King Pillow Covers (20″ x 40″); Universal Split Top Size fits all split lengths. Fits 15-inch Depth Mattresses and cinches to fit smaller splits and depths.
  • CINCHFIT SHEETS: Our fitted sheet design loves to hug mattresses providing both a snug & stay on fit. No straps needed. With both braided and cord elastic throughout the fitted sheet, our CinchFit Sheets cinch for a snug fit & are adjustable. Made in the USA with imported fabrics.
  • SHEET FABRIC: Our 650 Thread Count Stripe Cotton Sheets are made of beautiful, quality, Crisp Wrinkle Free Cotton Blend. Soft, comfy and durable, these sheets will soften over time and last for many years.
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES: The cord elastic exits the elastic casing and using cord locks can be either cinched tightly to keep the sheet on the mattress or loosened to easily remove the sheet. A cord storage pocket provides storage for the excess cording.

Split Flex Top King Sheet Set 4PC 

(1) Fitted King With Split Top, (1) Flat Sheet 108" x 102", (2) 20" x 40" Pillowcases.  Fits Top Splits of 35" and cinches to fit smaller.


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