Boat Interiors Wine Crate Galley Design

Boat Interiors Wine Crate Galley Design

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Boat Interiors Wine Crate Galley Design  

We here at Quahog Bay Bedding get so excited about boat interiors and when we see love and care invested into a boat’s interior design! Sometimes it just takes that small bit of inspiration to unlock a boat owner’s design talent and a unique, beautiful boat interior is created! We hope by sharing this and other amazing DIY projects we will inspire you to take those first few steps in transforming your boat’s interior into an interior that you can show off and be proud of!

The Featured Boat 

S/V Kalani

Design Theme

Wine Crate


The Inspiration

Wine Crate Cabinet

S/V Kalani is home to Darcy, Luuck and their two children, Stormer and Rio. They have a beautiful family and live aboard their Corbin 39. They knew their galley needed a face-lift with it’s worn wood and outdated wicker cabinets with extra “holes” hand crafted by the tiny fingers of their one year old, Rio! Darcy fell in love with the style and colors of a Wine Crate Cabinet she found on Pintrest (pictured above) and used the image as inspiration for her galley renovation project.

1. Tin Tile Blacksplash – Super light tin tiles were easily added using double sided tape. Tin tiles are inexpensive and easier to install than ceramic or glass tiles and provide both texture and warmth to the galley.

2.  Counter Top Paint – Giani counter top paint in Sicilian Sand. A lot less expensive than replacing their whole countertop, the paint was a 3-step, 3-day project.

3.  Cabinet Paint – After a light sanding and high quality primer, the cabinets were painted with Benjamin Moore French Beret. Two coats of paint was required.

4.  Paint Stirrers – Cut to size, sanded and stained with a rag in American English the Wine Crate look was achieved while keeping the wood slats thin enough to be able to close the cabinet doors.

5.  Stenciled Sayings – Stencils and black paint was used to add accent wording to complete the desired wine crate appearance.

Do you have a boat interior project that you believe would inspire others? Please share it with us and it may be featured in a future Boat Interior Design Inspiration Post!

What a beautiful job you did Darcy and Luuck! Thank you for sharing it with us!

Darcy and Luuck share the adventures of their beautiful family at: and at


Here are some more images of S/V Kalani receiving her Wine Crate Galley makeover! Enjoy!




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