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Whether you've just set up your new sailboat galley and are ready to start stocking it or you are getting excited to stock your galley after the end of a long winter, here are some great ideas for foods and drinks that you can stock on your sailboat initially that store well. This will help to avoid to having to lug so many items on board with each day sail, overnight sail or trip you may be going on – hopefully all of the above!


Most condiments will store well on a sailboat. Pick your families favorite must have condiments and purchase them in small containers so they will store easily. Mayonnaise is out of course. One or our new favorites is Siracha sauce.

You can initially store the follow condiments until they are opened:


A1 Sauce

Siracha Sauce


Spicy Mustard

(You can then have them in your refrigerator at home, ready to go for the next trip.)

Condiments that store well without refrigeration and can be left on the sailboat:

Soy Sauce

Worcestershire sauce


Balsamic Vinegar

Tabasco Sauce


Cooking oil should be stocked and left on the sailboat. Some olive oil containers come in plastic now and can avoid potentially being broken during a rough sail. If you prefer, coconut oil is a great oil to cook with but I have only seen it in glass containers. If you plan on doing any baking, a shortening can be left on board as well.


Pepper holds well to the moisture of a sailboat. You need to include a teaspoon of dry rice in with your salt to absorb any moisture and keep the salt from caking in the container due to the high humidity.


Put together you favorite spices to leave on board. One of our favorites is Garlic Salt. Again, add rice to this type of salt to help absorb moisture. Other spices can be anything from chili pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, etc...


Large plastic containers with tight lids that originally contain items like pretzels, snack mixes, cheese balls, etc can be used many times over with whatever snacks your family enjoys and left on the boat. Several cans of different types of nuts are a great idea to keep stowed on the boat as well.


Although not friendly to the environment, the low cost of a 24 pack of bottled water and the convenience to have it available onboard makes it a great item to keep stocked on your sailboat.


If kept dry, any drink in a can or bottle will keep for a long time on a sailboat. Store the cans and bottles in a dry place and then put them on ice when you set out on your journey. They will be cold when you get to your destination and you will have avoided having to lug them on board that day with everything else.



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