A Creative and Inexpensive Way To Transform Bare Sailboat Shelves

Sailboat shelves are typically a either a neutral color or wooden. Many people throughout the years have been adding small trinkets, baskets and books help liven up their sailboat interior decor. A creative way and inexpensive way to transform your bare sailboat shelves is to use colorful shelf liners.

I've lined the shelves and drawers of my last sailboat and current sailboat with the Duck Brand Non-Adhesive Select Easy Shelf Liner. It has a consistent uniform pattern that makes it very simple to cut and install. It comes in brilliant color choices including Chocolate, Brownstone, Black, Lichen Green, Sedona Red, White and Taupe.

I typically use a utility knife as an alternative to sharp scissors to cut the liners because I can get into the corners and cut it to fit perfectly. Lift the liner slightly when cutting to avoid cutting into your drawer or shelf. For flat cuts for installing shelf liners, make a small cut on the liner while it is on the shelf to mark where to cut and then move the liner to a cutting board or piece of cardboard to cut the rest of the liner.

Here is a link to the product sold at Amazon.com for only $4.74 a 12 inch by 10 foot roll.

Here are some of my own images of using drawer liners for functionality and décor on a sailboat.
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