Boat Interiors - What a Difference a Splash of Color Makes

Boat Interiors - What a Difference a Splash of Color Makes

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One of my favorite things to do is look at boat interiors. Any time I get a chance to see someone else’s boat, I jump at the chance. I peruse boats on Yachtworld just to get decorating or fabric ideas. And if I’m to get anything at all done that’s remotely productive, I absolutely cannot go on Pinterest.

There’s just something about finding new ideas and inspiration for beautifying a boat’s interior – whether it be curtains, or pillows, or the creative ways that sailors find to add a little touch of “home” to the saloon or galley, or even the v-berth.

And there’s no shortage of nautical themed decor for a boat, in traditional colors like flag red and navy blue. I love these rich, bold colors because they feel salty. Boat-y. Kennedy-esque.

But, what I really love is when someone surprises me with their decorating color palette. When someone incorporates color that’s unexpected and fresh. I’ve seen some really beautiful interiors that had splashes of pastel yellow, aquamarine, or even fushcia.

It can be a little scary to incorporate colors that are outside the norm onto your boat, so today I’m going to show you 3 great examples of ways you can use a splash of color here and there to add personality and uniqueness to your boat’s interior.

Stylish Boat Interiors

Splash of color in a sailboat

s/v Laho, courtesy of

The interior of this Endeavor ( creates a homey feel, with the extensive use of pillows, patterns, and lots of fabric. Notice how none of it “matches”, yet it’s pulled together so well. Sometimes it can be hard to pull off mixed prints well, but when it’s done right, it can really make a space inviting, and fun.

Add a splash of color like Brittany did on s/v Asante

Great color choices by

Brittany on s/v Asante ( does a great job of creating a clean space that’s warm and inviting. She doesn’t stray too far with her print mixing, but her colorful, whimsical pillows and wall art add personality without being overwhelming. This is the perfect example of how you can just add a few touches that still make a huge impact.

The key is to remember that less is more. You can always add more color later, so if you find a really cute pink and yellow paisley pattern that you love, buy enough to make a pillow or two before you go and recover all of your cushions in it. Add a little, and live with it for awhile before adding more.

Splash of color by It's a Necessity

Love this head! Courtesy of

The first time I saw the head on s/v Necessity (, I fell in love. The teal wall and the gorgeous way they incorporated the matching mason jars is picture perfect. It’s less of a “nautical” feel, and more of an underwater feel. The colors are gorgeous, and shows that you’re not limited to the saloon when it comes to boat decor. So many people ignore the head, but this shows how beautifully this space can be transformed.

Adding Color to Your Boat Interiors Cabin

If these examples leave you wanting more, go check out our Pinterest page and get even more ideas. Or you can stop by our page and check out our rugs (some of which come in fun colors, like this teal-striped one), and our throw pillows, like this fun flowery and striped pillow we have (that is almost sold out!)

Again, just remember that less is more, but don’t be afraid to try new things to brighten up your sailboat interior.

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