The Gift of Quality Bedding - Quahog Bay Bedding & CinchFit

The Gift of Quality Bedding - Quahog Bay Bedding & CinchFit

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The best gifts for the 2022 Holiday Season are going to be those that people can use in their homes making quality bedding an ideal choice. With everyone scaling back their spending, going out less and taking fewer vacations these days, the gift of quality bedding is a fantastic choice! It will last for many years as well as providing both warmth and comfort to those you love. 

We all know the average person sleeps in their bed 8 hours a night. This doesn’t include all the waking hours each person spends in their "sleep oasis". Hours are spent completely entranced in a good book, binge watching a show on your I-pad, mastering the newest trending online game, going down a rabbit hole on the internet or almost making it to the end of your Twitter or Facebook feed. (No one really makes it the end, right?)

Don't forget all those late, weekend mornings where you might sleep in, or have breakfast in bed. Cuddle with your partner and kids to make up for that lost time that you spent working all week. Okay.  And the dogs and cats you missed all week. We know they are there there too...

And let's not forget about these cute, little furry creatures! 


The list goes on and on, doesn’t it? You sleep in your bed approximately a third of your life. When you add all of these other waking hours spent in bed into the equation, we could be approaching half of our lives spent in our beds!

So much time spent in bed. It makes sense that giving the gift of quality bedding is the best holiday gift idea! What are some other reasons to give the gift of bedding this holiday season? (P.S. Don't forget to always practice self-care and buy yourself the gift of quality bedding for the holidays too.)


The Gift of A Perfect Bedroom Environment

When our environment is put together, we feel put together. No question about it. Not everyone can be an interior designer but it takes minimal effort to put together a few bedding items that “go together” or coordinate so as to look well thought out and put together. If you take just a few minutes each morning to make your bed and your bedding is quality and coordinated, you will feel like a million bucks! (well, until you get to work late because making the bed can be a pain and take a lot longer than expected when the bedding doesn’t want to cooperate.)



The Gift of Perfect Sleep

Well, okay, maybe not perfect but better. We all strive for the perfect night’s sleep (no one enjoys insomnia). Just like you need to keep the temperature in your bedroom ideal to sleep great (66-70 degrees), you need to keep your bedding correct for the season. If you live in the south, you can probably keep your bedding choices pretty steady throughout the year. Maybe adding a light blanket under your bedspread or duvet on occasions when there's a "chill in the air". In the north, with four seasons to adjust to, there are several different ideal bedding layers for every change of season. And then there’s the “leg out” version of sleeping that comes into play and effects how many layers you need or don't need. We don’t have enough time in this blog post to get into the debate over whether the “leg out” or “tucked in” sleep style is the way to go. (maybe a future post?) If you live in the Northeast you can go from as few as one bedding layer in the heat of the summer months, all the way to 4 layers in the negative temperatures of the winter months. Okay, maybe 5, brrrrr... (if you count the layer of furry pets at your feet that act as leg warmers, that makes 6)


Are you ready to give that special person in your life the gift of quality bedding, an improved bedroom environment and an improved night’s sleep?

What if I told you that you could up your game even further? Purchase your quality bedding products from QuahogBay and you'll also be supporting USA jobs! We are a USA based company and all of our highly skilled seamstresses work across the USA! Try our CinchFit Sheets that cinch for a completely snug fit (think military bed, you-can-bounce-a-dime-from-it-snug) and with dual elastics they stay on the mattress! Your gift will be the biggest hit of the holidays! Our fabric is imported and our goal is to locate a USA source that is willing to share some of their fabric with us someday. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Be sure to visit us at Quahog Bay Bedding and do sign up for our newsletter to receive notifications on new blog posts and for special coupons and sales on our quality USA made bedding. 


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