CinchFit - The Best Sheets For RV Mattresses

CinchFit - The Best Sheets For RV Mattresses

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When you’re in the market for sheets for your RV there are three essential features to look for. First, the most important feature is the fit. Second, the quality of the materials in the sheet. Third, where the sheet is made. These features are a necessity when purchasing sheets for your RV.  CinchFit RV Sheets have all three and are the best sheets for RV mattresses!

 RV Sheets That Fit – CinchFit & Why You Need It For Your RV Mattress!

Living on the road in an RV doesn’t mean you should sacrifice comfort when sleeping. RV mattresses are thinner than traditional mattresses and their shapes often conform to where the mattress fits in the RV vs. where you need space to sleep. RV Sheets need to conform to both mattresses with thinner depths and those with odd shapes for the proper fit. Custom RV Sheets can be very expensive and can cut into your RV Cruising budget. Our CinchFit Fitted Sheet design conforms to fit both thinner mattresses and odd shaped mattresses. You should make the investment to purchase sheets for your RV while also keeping it affordable.

What is CinchFit & Why is it the best design for RV Mattresses? 

 A cinching fitted sheet is a necessity for RV mattresses! RVs often have both thinner and oddly shaped mattresses.  Most RV sheets on the market are made to fit only a few standard RV mattress sizes exactly. RV mattresses are made to fit the RV and so not are made to fit standard RV mattress sizes. Our fitted sheet design is made to fit oversized and then cinch snugly to conform to thinner and odd shaped mattresses. Fitted sheets also fit more loosely over time, leading to the sheet popping off at the corners! With our cinching design, it can be tightened over time.  Our traditional sheets fit up to 15” depths and then conform to fit smaller depths. Our RV sheets fit up to 9” and conform to fit smaller depths. 

 A CinchFit fitted sheet design includes traditional braided elastic in the fitted sheet and additional quality, cord elastic that is washable & dryable to 200 degrees and enclosed throughout the entire fitted sheet. The cord elastic exits the elastic casing on the side of the sheet. Using the cord locks, you can either cinch the cording tightly to keep the sheet on the mattress or loosened to easily remove the sheet. A cord storage pocket in contrasting color from the sheet material provides storage for the excess cording when laundering and helps our customers to easily know where the side of the sheet is located. With Cinchfit, our RV sheet customers can be confident their fitted sheet will not pop off from the mattress and can even be tightened over time! 

 RV Sheets Made With Quality Materials

Made with Single Ply 600 Thread Count 100% Cotton this fabric is elegant yet durable. This sheet set is constructed from 100% long staple cotton sateen woven at a 600 thread count per square inch. The comfort of soft cotton with a smooth sateen finish make these the perfect material for RV Sheets.

RV Sheets Made In The USA

 CinchFit Sheets are Made in the USA with imported fabric. Hours of labor go into our CinchFit Fitted Sheet design including our cute handmade cord storage pockets, USA seamstress stitching and every sheet has both braided and cord elastic hand threaded into the sheet. And choosing to buy products Made in the USA supports jobs in the USA!

 Cotton 600TC CinchFit Sheets

Our 600TC 100% Cotton Sheets are made of beautiful, quality material and our CinchFit design that will cinch to fit your mattress perfectly every time. We have both 9" Inch Depth and 15" Depth Cinching Sheet Sizes. Our cinching fitted sheets conform to odd shapes and cut corner mattresses like those found on RVs.

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