How To Keep Sheets Looking New

How To Keep Sheets Looking New

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We’ve gotten several emails (and orders – thank you!) from people who wanted to know how to properly care for their new CinchFit® sheets so they keep looking new. 

We spend roughly a third of our lives in bed, so having the right bedding will contribute to the quality of your sleep. The better you sleep, the better you’ll feel for the entire following day. An investment in upgrading your bedding is worthwhile and recommended. For the best quality sheets, shop at Quahog Bay Bedding!

Good bedding is an investment – not only in your comfort, but in your health, but as with any investment, you want your bedding to last as long as possible.

Knowing the best way to wash, dry, and store your sheets will go a long way towards extending the life of your sheets. It will also help you maximize your investment as well as your comfort. We’ve got some tips on how to keep your sheets looking and feeling new, as well as some storage ideas for you!

Washing Your Sheets

There are definitely a few tricks to keep sheets looking new when it comes to washing them. How often you wash your sheets is a personal preference. We recommend that you don’t wash them too often, as the more you wash them, the more likely it is that the fibers can eventually break down. Washing once a week is a good rule.

Wash your sheets in their own load when possible, using a mild detergent in cool water on the delicate cycle. Washing your sheets in hot water is not recommended because the heat weakens the fibers.

Our sheets have an elastic cord to use for adjusting, but you don’t need to worry about it getting caught in the agitator. Before you wash them, be sure all cord elastic is tucked in to our handy cord storage pocket.

The cord storage pocket is always in a contrasting color on the side of your sheet. Our CinchFit system makes it easier to make your bed and keep it made.

The main culprit of sheet stains or yellowing is body oils, often from face or hair products. You can use a product like Oxy-Clean, which is an oxidizing bleach to help fight stains.

If your sheets get that yellowish discoloration, here is what I recommend. First, soak your sheets in a bucket or tub with warm water that has a scoopful of Oxy-Clean and a good squirt of dish washing detergent. The dish washing detergent contains special ingredients that fight grease and oils. Soak them for a couple of hours (swishing them around a few times to agitate) to break down those oils. Then just rinse well, and throw it in the wash, and your sheets will come out looking clean as a whistle!

A Word On Bleach

Chlorine bleach is too harsh to use regularly if you want to keep your sheets looking and feeling nice. However, sometimes you just want the beautiful, clean look of white sheets. The great thing about white sheets is that they CAN be bleached occasionally if necessary. An oxidizing bleach is best for regular use, but from time to time, a good wash with regular old bleach can make those whites whiter. Everything in moderation, right? Who doesn't love a nice crisp White sheets that look new?

Drying Your Sheets

Drying your sheets properly will help do keep your sheets looking new. Just as with hot water, a hot dryer will break down the fibers in your sheets more quickly, so we highly recommend that you tumble dry on low heat. Remove sheets immediately after drying in order to minimize wrinkling. If you need to, you can press your sheets with an iron on a lower heat. If you have one available, use a steamer to get out any wrinkles.

Storing Your Sheets

Make sure that your sheets are fully dry before folding and storing to prevent mildew.

If you have more than one sheet set, a clever way to store your spares is to fold them and tuck them inside on of the pillow covers. This way your sheet set will be all together and ready when you are ready to make the bed!

Be sure that there is air flow, to prevent mildew.

Start With Quality Sheets

Quahog Bay Bedding products are made with quality USA hand sewn craftsmanship. Good, high quality bedding like ours can last for many years. Check out our Home Bedding offerings HERE! Even our Adjustable Sheet Products with our FlexSquare reinforcement doesn’t rip in the stress center and last for years and years!

Got any other tips on how to keep your sheets looking new, or other clever ways to store your sheets? Let us know in the comments!

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