Essentials for Adjustable Bed Sheets – CinchFit & FlexSquare

Essentials for Adjustable Bed Sheets – CinchFit & FlexSquare

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There are a two essentials for adjustable bed sheets – CinchFit & FlexSquare. You’ll want to be sure CinchFit & FlexSquare are included when you purchase adjustable bed sheets for your new adjustable bed! 

1.  Adjustable Beds are on the move! You need CinchFit!

Adjustable beds are they on the move in popularity! Not only that, but they are always moving! Whether your preferred adjustment is only a slight incline or sharp incline, you’ll be moving your adjustable bed a lot to adjust for changing position needs. Sleeping, reading, TV watching and many other activities happen in our beds on a daily basis. Each time you adjust your adjustable bed, the fitted sheet is pulled and stressed in ways it was never meant to be. (Well, unless it you are lucky enough to already have CinchFit Adjustable Bed Sheets!) The sheet fabric gets stretched and will continue to fit looser and looser on your bed until it will begin to pop off at the corners. You’ll frequently have to re-make your bed. Here’s where our CinchFit Sheets for Adjustable Beds comes in to play! You’ll need CinchFit!

What is CinchFit? 

A CinchFit fitted sheet design includes traditional braided elastic in the fitted sheet and additional quality, cord elastic. It is washable & dryable to 200 degrees and enclosed throughout the entire fitted sheet. The cord elastic exits the elastic casing on the side of the sheet. Using the cord locks, you can either cinch the cording tightly to keep the sheet on the mattress or loosened to easily remove the sheet. A cord storage pocket in contrasting color from the sheet material provides storage for the excess cording when laundering and helps our customers to easily know where the side of the sheet is located. With Cinchfit, our adjustable bed sheet customers can be confident their fitted sheet will not pop off from the mattress and can even be tightened over time.

2. Sheets on Split Top Adjustable Beds are Stressed! You need FlexSquare!

Split Top Adjustable Beds only split towards the head of the bed. This style of bed is often sold by companies such as Sleep Number and Tempur-Pedic. The split only towards the head of the bed creates a unique stress center in the mattress never seen before. Each time the bed is adjusted up and down, the sheet material is pulled and stressed both on the sides and towards the foot of the bed. You will need FlexSquare reinforcement to reduce the stress on your sheet or you’ll have a ripped sheet on your hands after just a few months of use.

What is FlexSquare?

We designed FlexSquare for our Adjustable Bed Sheets using the principles of sail repair. By repairing where the rip would normally occur in the stress area of Split Top Adjustable fitted sheets, our design takes the stress away from the flex center of the sheet on adjustable beds. With this FlexSquare reinforcement, we can prevent our sheets from ripping 99.9% of the time. We also use a stretchable, White material in the center boxing area that helps keep the stress levels low on our sheets!

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