Universal V Berth Bedding - Created By Quahog Bay Bedding

Universal V Berth Bedding - Created By Quahog Bay Bedding

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There's a lot of companies offering Universal V Berth Bedding products today. Did you know that Quahog Bay Bedding was the creator of these Universal V Berth Bedding products and sizes in 2014? Although many companies make (ah hem.. copy) our products, sizes and even our sizing charts, no other product also includes our amazing CinchFit cinching fitted sheet design. Without this, the products look similar but they won't fit nearly as well. Our fitted sheets cinch to conform to odd shapes and sizes and they can be tightened and loosened to make v berth bed making so much easier. 

Back in 2014, I owned two boats at the time. I was in love with boating and sailing. To avoid being “boat-less” my husband and I purchased our Catalina 36 while still having our Catalina 30 for sale. My first few failed attempts at making triangular shaped fitted sheets for my new boat left me frustrated. I knew others must be frustrated too. An internet search for boat bedding or boat sheets only provided results of sails “sheets” or bedding compound for boat hulls “bedding”. 

I first set out to make a sewing pattern that could help everyone. With two triangular cushion sets in two different sizes, I began to work on the project. The template idea evolved to Universal Sized V Berth Sheets. I knew the set I made would fit both a 30 Foot Sailboat and a 36 Foot Sailboat due to the cinching design I had created.

Check out this photo showing how I had laid out the two sets of V Berth cushions to come up with my Universal V Berth Bedding Sizes. The Universal V Berth design was based on the cushions of a Catalina 30 V Berth Boat Mattress and the Universal XL V Berth design was based on the cushions of a Catalina 36 Boat Mattress. (Shh... now you know how we created these)

I have to say, it's a been a lot of fun over the years making and creating Universal V Berth Bedding products for my fellow boaters and sailboaters. My goal when creating these products was to make buying boat bedding easier, more affordable and a lot easier to find. I believe that I've accomplished my goal. 

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