Keep sheets in place with CinchFit Sheets.


Our fitted sheets fit better than others with 2 types of cording. Strong cord elastic cinches the sheet on the bed for a perfect fit. Cord exits the fitted sheet and can be tightened or loosened. Storage pocket keeps cording safe during laundering. We make sheets for traditional mattresses, adjustable beds, RVs and Boats.


Confounded when trying to make your bed? Does it take you 3 tries to get your sheet on right? All sheets have directional tags to easily guide you in making your bed right the first time – ours does! Every fitted sheet contains Head, Foot and Side tags.


Each sheet set is hand inspected and sewn by our seamstresses here in Maine. All of our sheets are made with high quality materials that are super soft and comfy. And the best part? They never have pilling and soften with each wash!

Rest Easy With Our CinchFit Fitted Sheet Design


Tighten the cording as much as needed for a snug fit.


Slide the cord locks to the sheet opening to secure the cinch.


Tuck any excess cording into the cord storage pocket.

Rest easy knowing that your fitted sheet will cinch to fit your mattress perfectly and not pop off during the night, or ever!

Products ship free to the continental US in 2 business days! Not seeing what you need for a Size or Color? Let us know and we can provide an estimated in-stock date!