Top 5 Gift Ideas For Women Who Enjoy Sailing Or Boating 2014


This is a list of the top 5 gift ideas for that special woman in your life who enjoys boating, sailing or cruising.  Compiled by actual cruising and sailing woman, including the author, of their top items they would love to receive as gifts in 2014.   



1. West Marine Gift Card –  Women who cruise and sail would never be disappointed by a West Marine Gift Card to use to offset those unexpected boating repairs as it then saves more money for the boat kitty to be able to be spent on other items.  http://bit.ly/12dF8Km 



 2. Pressure Cooker –   Women who cruise and sail absolutely love to cook using a pressure cooker. Not to be confused with the dangerous stove top pressure cookers seen on cooking shows, the newer more technologically advanced pressure cookers are plug in appliances with timers and do not require a lot of electricity from boat batteries to use them.  http://bit.ly/1zFvj2W


3. Kindle –  Adventurous and up for challenges, reading novels filled with suspense, historical fiction, sailing adventures and many other types of genre are a favorite hobby for women who sail and cruise. Warm breezes, days at port to relax and enjoy life are perfected with a good book.  http://bit.ly/1HM4xMs


4. Soda Stream –  Soda cans and bottles are inconvenient and require valuable boat storage space. Soda Stream is ideal to have those favorite drinks or mixers available on the boat without having to bring cans onto the boat and returnable cans off the boat.  http://bit.ly/1A0Ki8y


 5. Dishware –  Stainless steel utensils, quality knife sets and functional dishware are top items for the galley wish lists of women who cruise and sail. A new popular line of dishware, Starboard Collection dishes can be stacked compactly to take up less galley space, are non-slip and shatterproof.  http://bit.ly/1tp3g46


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