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Those of us who choose to live in small spaces including our boats, camps, RVs or tiny homes understand that space is a valuable commodity. Decorating small spaces can be challenging but it’s not impossible! If you live in a large home or apartment, you’ve got all the space in the world to add any decor items you desire. Adding items to already small spaces has to be done with thoughtfulness and intention. Deciding to use a certain space for one purpose often means sacrificing its ability to be used for either its intended purpose or another desired purpose. Here are some of the tricks we’ve picked up along the way to solve the challenge! So decorate away!

Get Creative

Small spaces have non-traditional sizes. You won’t easily be able to go the local department store and pick up traditional sized rugs, curtains or wall decor and be done with your interior decor project. This is where you’ll need to get creative. In our “Easily Make Your Own Boat, RV or Tiny Home Curtains Series” you can learn about many ways to get some adorable curtains in your small space, even if you don’t sew and even without needing hardware! Curtains are a brilliant way to add some brightness and color to your small space. You can also create your own replacement shower curtain using this blog series.

Some traditional sized items work just fine for small spaces. We love adding bright or Decorative Hand Towels to both kitchen and bathrooms. Finding and adding wall decor can be challenging but with some extra effort you can find small pieces of art, hooks or picture frames to add to the ambiance of your interior without taking up valuable space. Even better? Add one of our Wall Pocket Organizers or a narrow shelf to add usable space! Check out how the boat interior below uses a small, unique picture frame to jazz up its interior.

Do you love to quilt or know someone who does? You can make a small quilt panel that includes some of your favorite items or themes. You can use a more basic quilt design, but include colors that coordinate with your interior. See below.

Dual Purpose Items

With space being such a valuable commodity, one of our best pieces of advice is to choose items that can provide at least two purposes in your space. Adding plants to your interiors provides both color and refreshes the air in your living space. Even better? Add herbal plants to your interior! Color, refreshed air and fresh herbs for your cooking! By picking out a unique and bright color for your Bedspread or Blanket, then add a matching Throw Blanket for your nearby living area – you’ll instantly create a coordinated decor theme to your space. Others will be impressed!

Pillows that match or coordinate with your cushions, curtains or wall decor are such an easy way to spruce us your small space. Even better? Make Envelope Style Pillow Covers and instead of using a Pillow Insert, use the space to store a spare throw blanket, towels or off season clothing! Creating additional storage space is always a bonus in small spaces. What better way to add more color and charm to your space than adding a couple of floor rug baskets. Use them to store toys, peoples shoes in the entry way, or just to have available for that next item you need to find storage for. Small baskets that fit in tiny nooks or on short shelves work great to enhance decor and provide storage space for those very small items.

Nautical Square Storage Basket - Turquoise/Navy

We hope our blog post has inspired you to move past the challenges of interior decor for small spaces and to create a beautiful small space decor theme that you can call yours! Please do share with us and others your creation or any helpful tips you’ve found for decorating your small space!

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