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Location History

Our building is located in what is now known as, “Brunswick Landing: Maine’s Center for Innovation,” it is a progressive and innovative business campus located at the former Naval Air Station Brunswick (NASB). The building itself was formerly referred to as “Building 226” and was used as a training facility for Sea Cadets. We couldn’t ask for a more appropriate location with our many innovative products including our CinchFit Sheets!

A Little History – World War II, Cold War & Post Cold War

The Brunswick airport was originally built in 1943 and during World War II, pilots from NAS Brunswick as well as those of the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm used the station as a base from which they carried out anti-submarine warfare missions with around-the-clock efficiency.

On June 15, 1950, North Korea on Chinese authorization crossed the 38th parallel and invaded their neighbors in South Korea. While not directly involved in combat operations in Korea, its squadrons contributed to the war effort by assuming the many responsibilities of commands who had been deployed to the Pacific.

In 1959, NAS Brunswick’s primary mission was to provide support for Fleet Air Wing Three. The squadrons played a major part in the defense of the North Atlantic area, tracking Soviet submarines around the clock throughout the Cold War.

NAS Brunswick-based crews flew homeland defense maritime patrols off the Atlantic coast as part of Operation Noble Eagle and additional assets were surged in support of OEF operations. Fleet Air Wing Five squadrons were present during the commencement of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003, and continued to fly in support of ongoing operations.

The Closure of NAS Brunswick

After being listed on the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure list, NAS Brunswick began preparing itself for shut down with a mandated September 2011 closure date.

In May 2008, Captain Will Fitzgerald relieved Captain George Womack, becoming NAS Brunswick’s 36th and final Commanding Officer, and was tasked with the responsibility of closing the base.

At an onsite ceremony on May 31, 2011 the base was officially decommissioned. Navy officials handed over the remaining property to the Mid-Coast Regional Redevelopment Authority. The property began being redeveloped for civilian use as Brunswick Landing. This started with the opening of the Brunswick Executive Airport and the building of Southern Maine Community College’s new campus on the site.

The Development of Brunswick Landing: Maine’s Center for Innovation

The Brunswick Reuse Master Plan included a range of uses: airport operations and aviation related businesses, business and technology industries, alternative energy research, manufacturing and power generation, higher education, residential housing, recreation, and open space.

The development of the Master Reuse Plans for the NAS Brunswick properties was substantive and involved significant public participation. Over an eighteen month period from April of 2006 through November of 2007, the reuse planning processes involved substantial asset mapping, natural resource inventories, infrastructure assessments, economic analysis and forecasting, an airport feasibility study, land use planning studies, and the development and execution of a robust and thorough public outreach and participation process.

Quahog Bay Bedding

We are a locally owned and operated company specializing in Custom Bedding, Custom XL Bedding, Boat Bedding, Yacht Bedding, RV Bedding, and Bedding for Adjustable Beds. Our company here in Maine makes thousands of sheet sets annually with our innovative CinchFit Fitted Sheet Design that has both braided and cord elastic, a cord storage pocket and directional tags. You can rest easy knowing that your fitted sheet will cinch to fit your mattress perfectly and not pop off during the night.

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