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Queen Sheet Set 9 Inch Depth Shallow Pocket Sheets 600TC 100% Cotton CinchFit USA Sheets

Queen Sheet Set 9 Inch Depth Shallow Pocket Sheets 600TC 100% Cotton CinchFit USA Sheets

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CinchFit USA Queen Sheet Set 9 Inch Depth 4PC 

Our CinchFit cinching fitted sheets stay on the bed, stay tight and they won't pop off on the corners! Our CinchFit design will cinch to fit your mattress perfectly. These are sheets that fit tight and can be adjusted to fit tighter as the fabric stretches over time. The cord elastic is adjustable and can be tightened for a continued perfect tight fit in the future even as fabric stretches over time. Our fitted sheets cinch to fit mattresses with smaller sizes and depths so when ordering, as long as you chose a larger size than your mattress, it will cinch for a perfect fit!

    • SIZING: Queen Sheet Set 4PC fits 3/4 Full, Full, RV Short Queen and Queen mattresses. Queen Sheet Set 4PCS Includes: 60" x 80" Fitted Sheet, 102" x 90" Flat Sheet, (2) 20" x 30" Queen Pillowcases. Fits up to 9 Inch Mattresses and cinches to fit smaller shapes and sizes. 

    • KEY FEATURES: 100% Cotton, 600 Thread Count, Made in the USA, Quality, includes dual elastics including adjustable cord elastic and cord storage pocket, snug fit & stay on fitted sheet design. Includes Cording Pocket & Directional Tags.
    • CINCHFIT SHEETS: Our fitted sheet design loves to hug mattresses providing both a snug & stay on fit. No straps needed. With both braided and cord elastic throughout the fitted sheet, our CinchFit Sheets cinch for a snug fit & are adjustable.
    • SHEET FABRIC: Our 600 Thread Count Cotton Sheets are made of beautiful, quality, 100% Cotton. Soft, comfy and durable, these sheets will soften over time and last for many years.
    • ADDITIONAL FEATURES: The cord elastic exits the elastic casing and using cord locks can be either cinched tightly to keep the sheet on the mattress or loosened to easily remove the sheet. A cord storage pocket provides storage for the excess cording. 
    • SHEETS FOR RV & BOAT MATTRESSES: These sheets are perfect for thinner mattresses and those with cut corners and odd shapes like those found on RVs and Boats. These sheets cinch and conform to fit all shapes, sizes and depths. For thinner mattresses, with less than 9 Inches Depth, order our 9 Inch Shallow Pocket Sheets. 

    How to Determine The Right Size To Order

    To determine which sheet size to select for oddly shaped mattresses, make sure the sheet length and width are the same or smaller than your measurements. For diamond shapes, you can order a sheet that is smaller than the maximum width where it juts out, just keep in mind it will lessen the available fabric for depth in that area.  As long as you order a sheet larger than the size and depth of your mattress our cinching design will conform and fit nice and snug. If you have extra width or length, this excess fabric will create added depth on the fitted sheet. If you need to chose a sheet that is slightly smaller than your mattress due to a small jut out area, it will just have less tuck under there. Our sheets cinch perfectly around boat mattresses with radius and cut corners. We have 9 Inch Depth and 15 Inch Depth Cinching Sheet options as well.

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    • Dual Elastics

      Each fitted sheet includes both Braided Elastic and Durable Cord Elastic that cinches 360 degrees around the mattress.

    • Stay Tight

      Strong and durable cord elastic cinches the fitted sheet more tightly on mattresses than traditional fitted sheet designs.

    • Adjustable

      Cording exits the fitted sheet and allows the fitted sheet to be adjusted over time. Integrated cord storage pocket allows for easy laundering.

    • Stay On

      Strong cord elastic cinches the fitted sheet completely under mattress corners and ensures the fitted sheet stays on the mattress.