Adding a small cutting board that fits over your sink is a great way to add more usable space in your boat galley. This Bamboo Non Slip Cutting Board Set by Lipper International is a great choice, containing three different sized boards, to find just the right fit for your boat galley sink!

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I know you are thinking… that a mounted cutting board on your gimbaled stove is the best and perfect option for a cutting surface and to add more functional space for to your boat galley and I agree! However, what if you don’t have a mounted cutting board for your stove? And even if you do, why not add some additional usable space in your galley?


The gimbaled stove on my last boat had a butcher block top that added extra counter space and a built in cutting board. Our new boat didn’t come with this feature and I\’ve yet to figure out how to find the right sized cutting board top for it or to get my husband to make me one… Maybe now that our boat is out of the water? One can always hope, right?

I had purchased this cutting board to use onboard and to add some color because I do love transforming sailboat/boat interiors! I figured out that it fits perfectly on my double sink and as a bonus it doesn’t slip, providing the perfect spot to cut up food in the galley! Any extra scraps or peels can be scraped into the sink and cleaned up afterwards. It also is great to convert the sink area into additional counter space to place things when you are just running out of room! This image is of the medium cutting board size. I also like the smaller size to use as a colorful cheese board!

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Bamboo Non Slip Cutting Board Set




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