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New Boat Galley Set Up List

When I first started sailing, I was excited to set up the Galley and I searched endlessly to find a complete list of what I would need to set it up. I sadly only found articles for cooking on a sailboat and many of those were for when you live aboard a sailboat. For the next person looking for this information – it now exists!

 New Galley Set Up List

Step 1 – Before beginning to add items to your Galley, you will be cleaning it thoroughly. I highly recommend using Clorox or other disinfecting wipes. They are great for killing the mildew or germs that can accumulate on a sailboat. Clean out all drawers and make sure to remove any old liners that could have dirt and/or mildew under them.

Step 2 – Add liners to all drawers and shelves. I have tips for what liners to use and how to install them on another post. You will then be ready to start stocking your new galley.

Cleaning Products

Paper towels – At least 3 rolls to start out. Keep the paper towels in their original plastic packaging to keep them dry in the event that any leaks on the deck cause water to drip into your galley unexpectedly.

Trash bags – At least one box of 30 trash bags. These come in handy for other purposes as well, including storing wet towels, dirty laundry or galley linens and other items.  They are always helpful when bringing these items off the sailboat when you are back in port. Remove several of them from the box and place them in the bottom of your trash bin so when the trash is full, they are handy to replace.

Sponges – Heavy duty scrub sponges are great to have for cleaning pots and pans in additional to basic dish cleaning.

Dish soap – A medium sized bottle should last a long time and will not take up too much galley space.

Wash cloths – At least 2 with 2 additional at home so they can be swapped out regularly.

Dish Cloths – At least 2 with 2 additional at home so they can be swapped out regularly.

Pots and Pans

Camping Pan Set – A set of nesting pans that can be stored in the oven when not in use is perfect to keep on board. Best options are stainless steel with heavy duty bottoms for even heat distribution.

Non-stick Fry Pan – A must for any kitchen and especially for cooking a quick meal in a Galley.

Cooking Utensils

Knife – A sharp knife for food preparation. A filet knife for fish if you plan on eating your catch.

Cutting Board – A cutting board that fits over your gimbal stove when not in use is great. Some smaller cutting boards fit nicely on the sink to add more cooking space also.

Other – Wooden spoons, spatula, large spoon, bottle opener, can opener, etc

Grilling – A stainless steel set of grilling utensils that are kept in a bag or box container to be able to store in the Galley but handy to be brought out to the grill when needed.

Teapot and Coffee Press – Necessity for making coffee in the morning.

Dishes and Eating Utensils

Silverware set – Forks, knives and spoons.

Plastic knives, forks and spoons for quick needs without having to wash dishes in between meals.

Steak knives

Plastic and paper plates and bowls for serving food.


Plastic baskets and boxes for organizing silverware or miscellaneous items. Plastic containers for stacking and organizing other items and food items. Several plastic grocery bags and a box of freezer bags to have on hand for storing items. Freezer bags are sturdy and great for putting food items on ice without worrying that water will seep in.

If you\’re an experienced Galley Cook, what items are your must haves? Let me know and I will update the list.

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