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How To Fold A Fitted Sheet – For Your Home, Boat or Adjustable Bed

Folding a fitted sheet can seem a bit daunting at first (especially if it’s for an adjustable bed or boat bed!), but once you practice a few times it’ll become second nature. You’ll be able to store your sheets in a satisfyingly neat pile! No more leaning towers of crinkled, balled up sheets. Every time you do laundry you’ll be reminded of just how talented and smart you really are!

We’ll share with you the way to fold standard, flex and even fitted sheets for boats!

Now that you’ve mastered folding a fitted sheet, order our CinchFit Sheets! With our CinchFit sheets, you can easily master bed making next! Our CinchFit Sheets have durable cord elastic that cinches the sheet snuggly to mattresses so you have a snug fit every time! And no more popping off at the corners! 

Below are three “How To Fold A Fitted Sheet” YouTube videos we’ve created for you! We challenge you to impress your family and friends by mastering these sheet folding skills and then share the videos with them so they can learn as well. Challenge: How quickly can you fold a fitted sheet?

See our videos HERE!
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