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3 Sailboat Hacks We Love

We sailors are a resourceful bunch, aren’t we? When it comes to life hacks, we are bona fide experts.

I mean, we have no choice but to be. At some point on a boat, something’s gonna break. And if you’re out on the water, you can’t just drive to the hardware store to get what you need. If you’re lucky enough to have said spare part on your boat, awesome! But since that’s rarely the case (why is it that the thing that needs repair is almost always the only thing you didn’t have a spare for), then we’re often left to rely on our own creativity and whatever happens to be lying around. Yep. MacGyver’s got nothing on us.

Not to mention that space on a boat is precious, and as such, we usually don’t have the room to keep spares of everything anyway – after all, where would we put the wine? So ideally, things on a boat should either be small, or should have dual purposes. For example, a table that has hidden wine storage. A magazine holder that can also double as… well, wine storage. (Are you sensing a pattern here? Priorities. That's right.)

Another reason we’re so resourceful is that we’re cheap! I don’t mean that we’re total cheapskates all of the time, but why would we go buy a set of specialty hooks to keep the galley oven door from flying open when we’re sailing on a port tack, when we can secure it with a bungee cord instead? Save your money and buy more wine. That's what I say.

There are a ton of sailboat hacks out there, and probably a ton more that we’ve never heard about. And this week, we’re going to share three of our favorites with you.

Sailboat Hacks

Koozies to stop glasses from clinking

When you’re out sailing or motoring (and sometimes even at anchor), the movement can cause a racket in the galley when all the glasses start moving around and hitting eachother. To minimize the clinking, we take foam can coolers and stick every other glass in one. If the glasses don’t fit in the koozie, then we just tuck the koozies between the glasses. This provides protection from breakage and the annoying clinking sound!

A better way to store your boxed wine

You may know that cardboard is bad to have on a boat, so what do we do with our boxed wine? Well, as Carolyn from The Boat Galley explains in this post, you can take the plastic bladder out of the box (along with the pour spout), and instead stick it in a plastic container. You can even fashion the new container to have a hole for the pour spout to stick out for easier pouring. Another bonus is that if for any reason, the bag puncture or leaks, the plastic container will keep it all contained, so none of it is spilled (or wasted). Bottom's up!

Innovative way to create more space in your cupboard

Space saving techniques are always useful on a boat. I could list these all day, but here's one I just saw recently that I thought was a clever way to hang items in your cupboard - like those prepackaged soup mixes, bags of chips, whatever. By hanging them, you use empty, wasted space up top, and create more space below for canned goods and the like.


As you probably know, Pinterest is one of the best places to look for things like this. When you're searching for things like this, think outside the box and type in things like "tiny house organization" or "organizing small spaces".

If you really want to find some cool inspiration or ideas on sailboat hacks, organization tips, or just some awesome boat decorating ideas, come visit us on Pinterest, where we've already got boards and pins that we've collected to help you along.

Got any awesome boat hacks or tips of your own? Share the love and comment below!

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