Christmas is right around the corner, and in case you didn’t know, we’re making a list and checking it twice to find out who’s nauti or nice!

If you made the nauti list, we’re right there with you, and since there are only 6 days left until Christmas, we’ve got 6 awesome DIY nautical Christmas decor ideas for you to help bring a little coastal cheer your way and to inspire you with some potential last-minute gift or decorating ideas.

Nautical Chart Gift Wrap

Got some of your old nautical charts lying around? Put them to good (and beautiful) use by using them as gift wrap!

I love this idea – it allows me to reuse outdated charts (I hate throwing it away!) and better yet, lets me reuse it in a creative way. Your gift recipient will love the uniqueness and the thoughtful gesture.

Yarn and Rope Filled Nautical Christmas Balls

This is a super easy project that can work with a nautical theme, or just a simple rustic themed decor, and a great way to use up extra yarn or rope that you have lying around the house or boat.

You can find clear Christmas tree balls just about anywhere. Simply stuff them carefully with your scrap rope, and voila! A unique Christmas ornament that you can use on your own tree or mantel, or give as a gift to a sailboat or beach-loving friend.

Tip: You can also fill balls with sand, small shells, sea glass, or other beachy findings to remind you of your favorite places.

Rope Covered Balls

Another great idea that you can make with some extra rope or yarn is to get styrofoam balls (in any size), and simply brush with glue, then wrap yarn or rope around them until the ball is covered.

You can hang these balls on a tree alongside other ornaments, or you can assemble them into a bowl – try different colors and shapes for a little wow-factor. This is something you don’t have to put out just at Christmastime, as it can work year-round, too!

Salt-Dough Starfish Ornaments

We love these animal-friendly salt dough starfish ornaments!

Just take 1 cup of water, 1 cup of salt, and mix together. Then add 2 cups of flour and stir until dough forms. (Add more water or flour as necessary.)

Take little balls of dough and flatten them (so they’re about 1/2″ to 3/4″ thick), then just cut into the shape you want (don’t feel like it has to be perfect).

Add fine details by carving or poking with toothpicks or skewers, and don’t forget to make a hole at the top so you can hang! Bake at 200 degrees for several hours (or if you have the counter space, you can simply lay them out to dry, but it could take awhile).

Once they’re done, you can leave them natural, or paint them if you want. You can get detailed instructions with photos at Domestic Ingenuity.

Crabby Kris Kringle

This is seriously too cute! There’s a guy who lives on the Chesapeake Bay that makes these every year from discarded blue crab shells.

While he’s perfected the art, you could definitely do this yourself if you’ve got some old crab shells to work with.

Just clean the shells thoroughly and let them dry out, then paint your own Santa face. This would also make a truly original gift idea that would be a big hit!

Driftwood Christmas Tree

We love this idea – it looks so simple, but so pretty, with the natural elements. I’ve always been a fan of driftwood and love the way you can do so much with it, decor wise.

You can get the full tutorial on how to make your own driftwood Christmas tree with photos over at DIY Driftwood.

Top it off with a starfish, or even one of the salt-dough starfish we told you about earlier.

This example is a table-sized tree, but if you search for this on Pinterest, you’ll see some people have done full-sized trees. You can hang ornaments or lights from them to give them a little more flair, but I like the simplicity of this.

It’s also great for a boat, because you can spin the driftwood pieces so they are all flat when it’s time to store.

Do you have any really cool DIY Nautical Christmas decor ideas that you’ve seen or tried? Post them in the comments, and link to any photos if you have any, so we can all be inspired!

We hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas, with lots of laughter and love, spent with great friends and family. We’ll see you on the flipside!

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