It’s that time of year again, time to go to the local marine store and pick up bottom paint for the boat! Here are 4 reasons why you should pick up your CinchFit Boat Sheets online from Quahog Bay Bedding at the same time.

4 Reasons To Buy CinchFit Boat Sheets When You Pick Up Your Bottom Paint This Spring

You love your boat. You want the best for your boat. When picking up bottom paint, you’ll easily pay a bit more for the best anti-fouling paint which can easily run you $240 a gallon. It’s a practical, valuable, necessary purchase. You’ll sleep better at night knowing your hull is pristine – well, sort of… Here are 4 reasons you should pick up your CinchFit Boat Sheets online at the same time.

1. You won’t sleep better at night on the boat if you don’t purchase CinchFit Boat Sheets.
The thorough bottom paint job you did in the spring may keep the nightmares of a fouled bottom at bay but it really won’t help you sleep better.The sleeping bag or old sheet set from home that you rigged up to work will work but mostly, it will just cause you headaches.Those cheap metal corner clips you bought sorta, kinda work but not really and then there’s the issue of rust. The only way to get a nice, snug fit and a sheet that stays in place is to purchase a set of CinchFit Boat Sheets. It’s a practical purchase.

2. It’s the same price as a gallon of good bottom paint.
Even our Custom 600TC Cotton Sheets are only $238.50 today with our current 10% off promotion. Chances are you can outfit your boat berth with a Universal V or XL V Berth Sheet Set for even less. If you need Custom, no worries, it’s very easy to order them. Each year, the bottom paint gets applied and then it is gone. Your CinchFit Boat Sheets will last you many nights on the water for many years. It’s a valuable purchase.

3. After a hard day on the water, you’ll really appreciate your CinchFit Boat Sheets more than your gallon of Bottom Paint purchased last spring.
Yes, a bad day on the water is better than a good day on land but we all know some days on the water can be, well, very trying… After working on the boat all day trouble shooting engine issues, electrical problems or eh, a malfunctioning macerator pump, etc (I can’t stand to list any more of them) you’ll really appreciate the comfort of going to bed with a nice, snug, quality CinchFit Boat Sheet waiting for you. You’re head will hit the pillow just a bit softer and you’ll forget your troubles from the day just a little quicker. You’ll wonder why you never thought of CinchFit Boat Sheets as a necessary boat part before and you’ll vow to never go without again. It’s a necessary purchase.

4. You’ll stop fighting with your spouse about who has to make the bed each morning.
Once your CinchFit Boat Sheet is on your boat berth, the Fitted Sheet will stay on and you’ll only need to straighten out the Top Sheet and other Bedding in the morning. When you first receive your CinchFit Boat Sheet or have to make the bed after laundry day it will be a snap. Our CinchFit design with cord elastic loves boat cushions/mattresses and will hug it the minute you put it on. We’ve even started adding directional tags to all our sheet sets. No worries on which side goes where. You’ll make the bed like a pro and in less than a minute. See a video here: Sailboat Interiors / Quahog Bay Bedding V Berth Video

Avoiding a daily fight with your spouse is the ultimate in value. A gallon of paint just can’t complete. So when you go the marine store this spring, be sure to go online and get your CinchFit Boat Sheet at the same time at

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